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Three fundamental reasons to create a web directory

by Administrator on Sep 30, 2011


Some people wonder why webmasters do create directories at all. Some would say they are born thousands everyday and die out thousands next month. What is the reason to create them? Money, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), some indirect benefits? Some people don’t know how they can utilize their directories to the fullest and newbies, don’t know the purpose of directories at all. Continue reading →

An Unusual Group of Student Journalists Steps Up

by Administrator on Sep 30, 2011


National experts on admissions and financial aid said the policy was the first of its kind. Seton Hall officials said they hoped it would provide clarity and certainty up front to the most desirable applicants, easing the weeks and months of stress that admitted students face as they wait to hear how much financial aid they might get from different campuses. “The primary motivation has been that as we go through what looks like a double-dip recession, we wanted to help our students,” Seton Hall’s president, Gabriel Esteban, said of the new approach. But in addition, he said, “it probably will help us in attracting a certain quality of students.” To qualify for the discount, which would equal about two-thirds of this year’s $31,440 tuition (room, board and other fees add about $13,000 to the total annual bill), students must graduate in the top 10 percent of their high school classes and have a combined score of at least 1,200 on their math and reading SATs — but no less than 550 on ... Continue reading →

Dear Web Font Providers

by Administrator on Oct 2, 2013


When you buy something, I bet you want it to work. Heck, even if you use something for free — maybe borrowed from a friend — I bet you want it to work. No one prefers hiking boots that are too tight (or too loose), a car that shimmies when you drive faster than 40 miles an hour, or a kitchen knife that can’t cut a tomato. Continue reading →

How Your Product Can Benefit From User Feedback

by Administrator on Sep 17, 2014


Like many great ideas, ours was born of a problem. When I was a graduate student at MIT, I sat next to a classmate who is visually impaired. He would whisper to me to ask the time, even though he wore a watch — which prompted me to wonder how the blind tell time. I later learned from my classmate that he had a talking watch that announced the time out loud when he pressed a button, but he rarely used it in public because he found it disruptive and embarrassing. After that conversation with my classmate, I went home and Googled "watch for the blind". I couldn’t believe what I saw. Continue reading →