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A guide to the web directory Search Engine Friendliness

by Administrator on Dec 9, 2014

Health & Fitness


There is no incentive for people to submit their web sites to the web directory, unless it is SEF directory. Why is that so? Really? How one can make a SE friendly directory? What are the criteria of SE friendliness? That many questions arise when someone mentions SE friendliness. This chapter's goal is to answer these questions and to provide a comprehensive guide of directory SE friendliness. What does the SEF directory mean? The main criterion of a «Search Engine Friendly» directory is that all links in such directory are direct links and can be easily crawled by search engine spiders. It means that search engine robots scan pages and links on them can be cached and assigned a page rank. That is why such a directory is called a SEF directory. Why SE friendliness is the only incentive for people to submit their websites to a directory? It is so because SEF directories are useful in promoting websites. ... Continue reading →

7 Quick Landscape Composition Guidelines

by Administrator on Dec 10, 2014



Visit most any photo site on the web, and the vast majority of images you'll see are of people, nature and architecture. These are the overarching topics that are then subdivided - people in foreign lands, formal portraiture, kids, etc. / landscapes, seascapes, wildlife Continue reading →

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